Singapore Luxury Secret House

Excellent Long Term Investment


  •  Singapore Luxury Secret House
  •  Listing #170947
  • 4 Bedrooms – 8 Bathrooms – 4 Parking
  • 13,900 Sqft – 1,291 Sqm
  •  Freehold
  • Good Rental yield
  • Construction 2015
  • Excellent Long Term Investment
  • Price Upon Request

Architecture Design

Singapore Luxury Secret House, designed by Singapore Wallflower Architecture Design, is located in the prestigious district of Bukit Timah. The desire of the owner was to have a luxurious house, tropical, contemporary, but mostly family.

Most of the land of the House is not visible from the entrance and offers the umptuousness of a secret garden to protect it from prying eyes. 

As functionality requirements are important, the architect designed more than one-third of the house in the terrain profile, exploiting the unique site with a “plateau” -shaped terrace to compose the rest of the living and living spaces. gardens. 

Conceptually, the architectural composition above ground consists of two rectangular travertine blocks resting on thin piles.

The blocks are connected to the second floor by a closed bridge floating above the ground plane. A ribbon window cuts the travertine stone facade. Adjustable vertical wooden louvers, strategically placed along this window strip, protect the glazing and regulate the amount of sunlight reaching the interior, while ensuring privacy when required.

An outdoor deck and rooftop garden complete the composition and are spacious enough to accommodate meetings and parties. The bridge facade is tilted to enjoy views of the scenic Bukit Timah Hill, Singapore’s highest point.


The fundamental principle of design is that breezes must be encouraged and unhindered. In the basement, the air passes through the large garage resembling a cave, through the wooden slatted hall and goes out by a vast garden courtyard built in the back, in the open sky.

Above the floor, the raised bedroom blocks are kept cold by masonry layers, air cavities, travertine flooring, garden roofs and pergolas.

Skylights enliven the experience throughout the day with ever-changing rays of light. When the situation requires, the whole house can be closed to tropical rainstorms or fog of polluting combustion.

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